AsepSys Inc.

Expert sterilization equipment support.

Maintenance, calibration, repair, validation, and more..

Our technical proficiency creates value for you

Our Services:

  • Preventative Maintenance and repairs
  • NIST-traceable Calibration (GMP/GLP-compliant)
  • Refurbished sterilizers and custom control systems
  • Steam Quality Testing as per EN 285 (dryness, non-condensable gases, superheat)
  • Washing equipment support
  • Add-ons such as load probes, wireless dataloggers, printers, displays etc
  • Validation - IQ/OQ/PQ, heat distribution studies, etc
  • We specialize in Steris/Amsco equipment.

Our History

AsepSys has logged 30+ years in the industry.  We have serviced clients ranging from a homeless shelter to the most sophisticated government labs and hospitals in the country.

Our Mission

Our only goal is total customer satisfaction. We are adept at, and committed to, providing better service at lower rates than the OEMs and larger service companies that service almost anything. We specialize in only sterilization equipment, giving you a truly expert support resource.

Our advantage

Not only are we fully capable of providing the  "nuts & bolts" support, we are also fully versed in the scientific aspects of microbial reduction/destruction.  Nowhere else will you find such well-rounded expertise.

Click here for our client list.

University Health Network

Apotex Inc.

Princess Margaret Hospital

Ontario Cancer Institute

Toronto General Hospital

Toronto Western Hospital 

Markham Stouffville Hospital           

Brock University
Baxter Canada

Southlake Regional Health Center

Trent University

Sanofi Pasteur

​Public Health Agency of Canada

Ontario Ministry of Health

University of British Columbia

Canadian Blood Services              

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

North York General Hospital

St. Boniface Research Center

Ontario Ministry of the Environment

CHUM Health Center Montreal

McGill University

Booth Centennial Linen Services

K-Bro Linens

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

EMSL Analytical

Grand Genesis Health


Humber River Regional Hospital

Pioneer Hi-Bred

University of Ottawa

Nordion Inc

Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Toronto

Algoma University

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

York Central Hospital

Spectral Diagnostics

Molson Breweries                                             

Cangel Canada

York University

MDS Labs                                                   

McMaster University



NPS Pharmaceuticals

Eli Lilly

Trillium Healthcare Manufacturing

Queen's University

Scarborough Grace Hospital

Riverdale Hospital (Bridgepoint Health)

The Shouldice Clinic



Bee Vectoring Technologies

Ciba Vision




Maple Leaf Foods



Hospital for Sick Children

MaRS Discovery

University of Toronto


Synthes Canada

Kraft Foods


University of Guelph

Hamilton Health Sciences

Noab Pharma

Alpha Laboratories


McNeil Consumer Healthcare


Trillium Health Center

Soldiers Memorial Hospital

Canadian Food Inspection Agency


Microbix Biosystems

Apollo Health and Beauty Care
Need to establish Fo? Click here.

Need to convert your temperature datalogger readings into thermal lethality?

Download our new 24-channel F-value Calculator!

lethality calculator

This spreadsheet calculator instantly computes F (at any reference temperature), Fo, FBIO and SLR (spore log reduction) from 24 individual temperature channels. 

Simply copy/paste the temperature data cells from your spreadsheet or datalogger .CSV file into our spreadsheet.  Do the same for the timestamp cells. 

Once your data  is pasted into the Input Worksheet, the following results are immediately calculated on the Calculation Worksheet:

* lethal rate per time interval

* F per time interval

* total F0 and FBIO for the entire cycle

* total log reduction


With 4 clicks of the mouse, you can import up to 1000 consecutive temperature readings from 24 temperature sensors.


The calculator utilizes the trapezius rule of integration for mathematical computation.  This is the same calculation methodology that is used by the world's leading thermal validation system used for sterilization in the most rigorously regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

In side-by-side tests using the same input data (from an actual sterilization cycle) the results obtained from that system and ours was identical. 

Some extra goodies are included such as:

* random temperature generator (24 channels, 1000 rows) plus a sample column of timestamps (1000 rows).  These can be used to test or play around with the calculator.

* select and copy all cells from the random temperature generator to the Input sheet with one click

* delete un-needed rows with no data with one click.

The fully unlocked (Premium) version has no restrictions and is priced at $149.00 USD.   

The free trial version is restricted to one temperature channel and 50 rows (timestamps) and the formulas are not accessible. 

Download the free trial version, or purchase the Premium version at the bottom of this window.


We also provide Fo display devices with up to 24 thermocouple inputs.  The instrument displays Fo readings as they accumulate during a sterilization cycle.

These devices can be custom-configured to your needs, and are currently non-stocked items (build to order).

The display is a color touch screen panel and includes calibration functions and optional FBIO and Spore Log Reduction indication.  

Please email us for more details or for a quotation.

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Download Free Trial Version

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AsepSys gives back to science by volunteering computing resources 24/7 to the World Community Grid.  We assist in many different projects, including disease prevention and treatment, mapping the universe, clean energy, and agricultural and environmental initiatives.