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                   Industry Expert Services:

  • sterilization equipment support (repair, PM, calibration)
  • wireless dataloggers and load probes, installed and NIST-calibrated
  • steam quality testing (dryness, gases, superheat) as per EN285
  • custom sterilizer and washer control replacements
  • steam purity testing (conductivity)
  • sterilization equipment/process validation
  • thermal mapping, heat penetration, BI challenge
  • remanufactured/refurbished equipment 
  • peripherals, dataloggers, printers, controls, instrumentation
  • equipment upgrades and enhancements
  • usage guidance, recipe optimization, purchase consulting                                                                                                                                     We specialize in steam sterilization, autoclave/washer control systems, steam quality testing, and serve all of Canada.  
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                               Our Mission 

We are innately passionate about science and technology, but care most of all about a completely satisfied customer.                 

Our mission is to help our valued customers achieve and exceed their goals while being dedicated to keeping costs down.     

We do this by leveraging our versatility and flexibility, and diligently maintaining only the highest standards of service excellence.

We fully guarantee our work  and, depending on location, can be at your facility within 24 hours for urgent response situations. 

                                Our History

We have provided expert sterilization technical support to numerous industries across Canada for over 25 years

We have supported customers ranging from a homeless shelter to pharmaceutical companies, and from the most well-known hospitals to the most sophisticated government labs in the country.  

Our unique advantage is our ability to provide effective support both in hardware/technology AND the scientific aspects of microbial reduction.

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