Equipment Support

  •  expert fault diagnosis and repair​ of sterilization equipment and instrumentation

  •  preventative maintenance programs in conformance with manufacturer's specifications

  •  NIST traceable, GMP compliant calibration 

  •  refurbishing and custom replacement control systems 

  •  additional peripherals such as load probes or dataloggers required by regulatory agencies

  •  instrumentation, controllers, alarms, sensors, control panels, displays, pneumatics and electrics

  •  PLC programming, chart recorders, printers, data loggers 

  •  wired and wireless connectivity solutions for your sensors, instrumentation, and SIP processes

  •  software and hardware modifications

  •  our specialty is Steris/Amsco and Finn Aqua equipment.                         


  •  cycle development and validation for steam sterilization

  •  IQ/OQ/PQ

  •  annual re-validation

  •  compliance as required with any industry or quality standards (PDA, USP, AAMI ST79, ISO 17665 etc)

  •  steam quality testing (dryness, non-condensable gas, superheat) as per EN 285

                                        Consulting and Education

  •  customized education sessions/classes for universities and colleges

  •  equipment pre-purchase, life cycle and replacement guidance

  •  sterilization principles and concepts, equipment utilization, programming, and validation 

  •  maintenance, operator and safety training

  •  SOP assistance and authoring 

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