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Here's a look at our new 24-input Lethality Calculator spreadsheet.

Need to convert your temperature datalogger readings into thermal lethality? 

                                                                     Download our new 24-channel F-value Calculator!

This spreadsheet calculator instantly computes F (at any reference temperature), Fo, FBIO and SLR (spore log reduction)  from 24 individual temperature channels.


Simply copy/paste the temperature data cells from your spreadsheet or datalogger .CSV file into our spreadsheet.  

Do the same for the timestamp cells. 

Once your data  is pasted into the Input Worksheet, the following results are immediately calculated on the Calculation Worksheet:

  • lethal rate per time interval
  • F per time interval
  • total F for the entire cycle
  • F0 and FBIO
  • total log reduction 

With 4 clicks of the mouse, you can import up to 1000 consecutive temperature readings from 24 temperature sensors.  

The calculator has been tested against the world's leading thermal validation system used for sterilization

(using the same input data from an actual sterilization cycle) and the results obtained were IDENTICAL.

Some macros (in the form of a pushbutton) are included such as:

  • random temperature generator (24 channels, 1000 rows) plus a sample series of timestamps (1000 rows)
  • select and copy all cells from the random temperature generator to the Input sheet with one click
  • delete the un-used rows on the Calculation sheet with one click (this operation is required)

The fully unlocked (Premium) version has no restrictions.   The free trial version is restricted to one temperature channel and 50 rows (timestamps) and the formulas are not accessible. 

Download the free trial versions (.xls and .xlsm format) here: TrialCalculator.zip